How am I today?
Uplifted by the prayers being said on our behalf. You can never know what it means to me knowing that there are so many out there bowed before our good and gracious King on behalf of our Little One.

How am I today?
Anxious for what this new development in my pregnancy could mean for the health of our baby.  I've cried more than once today, and it's only 10:45.

How am I today?
Feeling guilty for doing too much; feeling guilty for doing too little.  Around the house.  At work.  At the gym.  What if it was something I did?  But I can't go there; because if I go there, I'll stay in that place of worry. That's not a place I long to be.

How am I today?
Filled to the brim with love for this child.  This child. And thankful.  Hopeful and thankful, yet again, that God has chosen us to raise and nurture and love and lead this blessing.   Daddy and I love you soooo much, Sweet Baby.

How am I today?
Today, readers, I am joyful.
Last night, the eve of Good Friday, The Husband and I were at church.
We sang and reflected and heard once more of the GREAT love our Savior has for us.

How He CHOSE to give up His life (He wasn't murdered).

How He CHOSE to be rejected and beaten and cursed (which fulfilled prophecy...Isaiah 53 is an awesome chapter to read.  It was written around 600 years before the birth of Christ, and yet it speaks SO clearly of what would happen when the Messiah came).

How He CHOSE to willingly do it FOR, me, everyone who would accept this gift.

The headmaster of the school I get to teach in mentioned Psalm 22 at our last faculty meeting.  I had never heard before what I am about to type, but if you have, please bear with me.

As Jesus hung on the cross...a sinless, perfect He hung there weighed down by the sins of all mankind, he quoted from Psalm 22.  Our headmaster said that before there were chapters and verses to refer to in scripture, the people had to memorize it.  The scripture.  It was their history and their stories and their songs.  It meant something to them.
Because of this memorization, when they needed to refer to a section of scripture, they would say the first line, and others would know what part they were referring to.
So, when Jesus said, "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?," it seems as if He was referring to Psalm 22.  He didn't quote the entire chapter out loud, but He did end with "It is finished," which is incredibly close to "He has done this."  Please read the whole chapter--it's not a long chapter, but it has soooo much in it.  Look closely at verses 16-18.  Wow!  Scripture is powerful stuff.  What's more amazing is that Christ fulfilled that prophecy and much much more.   FOR US.

So, how am I today?
Grateful for His grace.
Thankful for His sacrifice.
Overwhelmed by the remembrance of His victory and soon-return. Come, Lord Jesus, come.
Loved.  Oh-so-loved.

Happy Easter, my friends.
May you remember the gift that was given so long ago, and may you look forward to the return of our Risen Savior and King.


  1. First, you have done nothing wrong, so do not blame yourself for walls not "knitting together." Have faith that our Risen Lord will continue to hold this sweet baby secure.

    Second, I am deep into the Book of Psalm (in my reading of the Bible from start to finish )and I did go back and re-read Psalm 22. Thank you for the fresh insight. David was definitely given prophetic words to write!!

    Continue to hold firm in your belief that God is in total control and knows your every need.

    Love you.


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