This guy named Hank

Hey y'all!  I have never done a post like this before, but I feel compelledCom-pelled, I tell you.

The Husband and I are friends with a guy named Hank. Well, his name is Henry, but everyone calls him Hank...except his sweet mom.   
Hank joined our church a few years ago, and then he joined the small group we were apart of last year.  Ever since that first meeting, The Husband and Hank have really gotten along well. :) Haha! Can you tell?!
Picture taken by the talented Bethany.  Hank's on the left; The Husband is on the right. mom is eating a strawberry :)
He loves dogs, and he has rescued many over the years.

He's smart and has a great sense of humor.  He's pretty witty!
Haha, they are two of a kind!

He sings with our worship team at church.
He works hard at his job (something to do with computers), and he's also a co-owner of a something-to-do-with-computers business.

He recently sponsored two children through Holt International, and it has changed his life.

He's an amazing friend with a very generous spirit. 
Just a few examples:
~He's volunteered to buy groceries and make dinner for us twice now.  He's a great cook! This last time, he made Shrimp Marsala! Yum!
~He's giving of his time and talents.  He's helped paint the nursery and move furniture.
~He bought a nice mattress for the Little One's baby bed.  Just because.

He's a good listener and a great guy to hang out with!  We love having him over!
Doesn't he have a nice smile?! Um, not The Husband.  I mean, normally, The Husband has a great smile...

But most importantly, he's a follower of Christ.  He walks the walk.  I know this to be true because I see Christ in him often.

And, he has not been snatched up yet by the right girl!! How can this be?

I don't know if anything will come of this post, but I told him that I know God has someone perfect out there for him.  What if she's reading this blog right now?!
If you know of a gal who would like to chat with Hank and get to know the guy we know and love, leave me a message.  None of the messages get posted without me reading them first.  If you'd rather it be private, please say that (I promise not to post it) and send me your name and a way to get in touch with you (email would probably be best).
Go on!
Take a chance.
You never know where God will lead you, and this could be a neat opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and meet someone new and great!


  1. Here's hoping that special young woman will step out of her comfort zone and want to meet Hank. He is definitely a "keeper!!" I think his smile says it all. :) Kuddos to you sweetheart for wanting him to find his soul mate.

  2. What a GREAT friend you are! If Hank were only 15 (or 20!) years older, I'd have the perfect gal for him. My widowed sister-in-law is a wonderful person. I have been on the hunt for a match for her for several years. I will look for a 30-something perfect girl if you'll hunt for a 50-something perfect guy! :)

    1. Thanks, Amy! He's actually in his mid-20s, but I don't know if he's opposed to older gals :). I'm older than The Husband by several years, and we've never noticed the difference!

    2. Ok thanks for that because now I feel REALLY old. :)


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