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Our Gender Reveal Party is coming up VERY soon, so I thought it would be fun to see what you think the gender of our baby is.

Please cast your vote on the poll at the end of this post, and then if you have time, I'd love if you'd leave a comment saying which one you guessed and why. :) 

Did my morning sickness clue you in?  Was it the shape/size of my belly?  Was it my cravings or my crazy mood swings or the horrible back spasms I've been experiencing?

Ok, and you're off! Cast away!
(Haha, that was one of my least favorite Tom Hanks movies...that and Sleepless in Seattle, but movie choices are a topic for a different day! But hey, if you'd also like to comment below on your least favorite Tom Hanks movie, then by all means, feel free!  *Side note*  I really do like Tom Hanks movies...just not those two.)

Which gender do you think our baby is?

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  1. Well, I voted for "girl!!" I'm probably very wrong; but, hey, I've got a 50/50 chance of being right!!! LOL

    Ummm - Tom Hanks' movies - I guess I'm going to have to vote for "Castaway" as my least favorite, too. I just wanted him to get off that island so badly because I couldn't stand him talking to that basketball any longer!!!

  2. I vote girl just because !!!!!! I have three girls and NO, NONE, I mean zero morning sickness, so that theory is out the window! ha, ha!

    quit worrying about working out and just quit worrying.....worry gets you nothing but nothing! rest , eat and Pray! love, Aunt Becky


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