The post in which I reveal the gender of our baby...

Today, we had our Gender Reveal Party.  The party in which the gender of our baby was revealed to all who attended.  We, after our last appointment and ultrasound, decided that praying for our baby by name was of great importance to us.  So, we opened the sealed envelope with the baby's picture inside and found out for ourselves the gender of our baby.  We began praying for the Little One by name, and to me that was a huge blessing.  It's been quite difficult, though, not referring to the baby by a certain gender-specific pronoun!


But, people, the wait is over!

And, we couldn't be more pleased!


  1. Yay!!! And I just posted my vote for a GIRL just a little bit ago. Just in the nick of time! :)

  2. And we are so happy for you!!! We can't wait to get to hold and snuggle precious little Hadley Grace. God continues to bless you and he will equip you to be a wonderful mommy and daddy. We love you.


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