Beautiful weather

Last weekend was so beautiful (really the last few weeks have been so lovely, weather-wise) that The Husband moved the wooden rocking chair in our bedroom out to our balcony, so I could read out there and enjoy the weather.  I stayed out there for at least an hour before my eyes became heavy, and I realized that if I didn't get up and start moving around, I'd fall asleep out there.  Between chapters, I took a few shots of my view.

It was gorgeous outside; perfect temperature, a slight breeze, quiet neighborhood.  Well, mostly quiet.  As  I was reading, I heard a voice from around the corner downstairs say, "If you don't poop, I'm gonna squeeze it out of you!"  Haha, I had to try very hard to stifle the giggle that was threatening to pop out and let that unhappy woman know she and her disobedient dog were not alone!
That's all for now.  Have a great weekend!


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