19 Weeks

*Note:  I know that I said I would post pictures from the gala/auction with this post, but there are too many pictures and too much to say about that fantastic evening.
Here's a sneak peek ;)
I'll have it up tomorrow, so be sure to check back then. :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  19 weeks and 1 day today

Size of baby:  The Little One is 6 inches long and the size of a mango.

Total weight gain/loss: I gained a half a pound this week.  I'm up almost 8 pounds this pregnancy.  

Maternity clothes:   Pre-pregnancy dresses, shirts, and one pair of jeans; maternity shirts and shorts

Gender:  We have our ultrasound this coming week, and we'll find out the gender next week at our Gender Reveal Party....and then I'll reveal the gender (with pictures from the party) here!  We can't wait to find out!!

Movement:  Grrr.  I haven't felt anything yet.  A gal I work with has a daughter who is a week ahead of me in her pregnancy, and she hasn't felt anything yet, either, so I do feel a little better.  The Husband and I are both very ready to feel him or her moving around in there! :)

Sleep:  I'm back to sleeping well again, thank the good Lord.  I still wake up a few times to run to the restroom, but I'm able to go back to sleep shortly after.

What I miss:  Sitting or standing for long periods of time without back pain.

Cravings:  Chocolate shakes.  

Symptoms:  Almost every day this week, I've had muscle spasms in the middle to upper section of my back right behind my ribs.  I spoke with friends and my sister, and they suggested upping the magnesium in my diet.  Friday, I ate sunflower seeds and almonds throughout the day, and my back didn't start hurting until mid-afternoon.  That is much better than it starting at 9 in the morning and lasting all day.  I'm going to look into taking a supplement, so if you have a suggestion as to which one I should try, please comment.
I've also been having some pain in my ribs.  I know it's because my internal organs are being shoved up, and even though I understand that, it still feels like my ribs are slowly being yanked apart.  

Exercise:  I made it to the gym three times this week.  My back felt great while I was there!

Best moment this week:  Saturday night at the Gala.  It was such a lovely event, and we were so blessed to have a room to stay in there at the hotel and to not have to drive home at midnight.  We were able to get up early enough to get ready for church and head that way after packing up.  I'm SO glad we made it to church because it was such an amazing time of worship, and it just refreshed my soul in a much-needed way.
I look incredibly tired (which I was...I tossed and turned most of the night...but I think those awesome *sarcasm* curtains really draw the eye away, right?!)


  1. You don't look tired! You look great! We missed the gala this year. :( First time in 4 years. Just couldn't handle the change to Saturday night, then getting the whole fam up and ready for church and facing the roomful of 2-year-olds that we teach. We are old. The photos I've seen so far look amazing! Can't wait to see the rest of yours.

  2. You look beautiful - I also can't wait to see the Gala pictures. I'm so glad y'all were able to stay at the hotel. Talk to your doctor about how much magnesium you should take or your Uncle A.D. Your body is just getting ready for more of sweet baby's growth and delivery. We can't wait for the Big Party!!! Love you.


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