A Birthday Kind of Day

Yesterday was The Husband's birthday.  
We had breakfast together (as we've been doing most mornings since he's been interning at the school).  We spent time together, and then we got ready for work. I completely enjoy going to work with him and seeing him throughout the day.  It's so nice to eat lunch together occasionally and smile or hug one another as we pass in the hallway. He's doing such a fantastic job up there, and I'm so proud to see him work and work and work and never complain that he's doing all that work and not getting paid, haha.  His servant's heart is growing by leaps and bounds.  
The sun, though you can't really tell in this picture, looked particularly interesting as we drove. 
We got to work and did our separate things, him working on computer-related and auction-related (THE GALA/AUCTION IS TONIGHT!!) things with our IT gal, me working in the office.  
(This is apparently the face I'm going to get when he'd rather be doing something else....but I don't mind, haha)
He can smile pleasantly! Love him! 
(Side note--our child has no chance of having straight hair *sad face*)
While at work, I received an email (an hour after it was sent) regarding the upcoming Gala that's held each year as our school's ONLY fundraising event.  It's how our school funds scholarships, the workings of the school, teacher bonuses (sometimes...I don't know if that applies this year), and many other things.  The email said that a family who had purchased a table at the event and had received a hotel room for the night decided that they didn't need the hotel room after all.  The email went on to say that the first teacher to respond would get to have the room for free!  I, jokingly, told The Husband he should go ask for it.  WHOOSH! Away he raced down the hall.  In minutes, he was back in my doorway with a pleased grin on his face.  WE get to enjoy the free hotel room after the Gala!  What a blessing! :) So I'll be packing a few items (pajamas, toiletries, body pillow haha, etc.) to take along with us as we head that way this evening.  I hope to take plenty of pictures of people and items and post them with the Pregnancy Highlights post on Monday.  
After work, we ran some errands, did a little window shopping, and headed over to Gringo's to meet his family for his birthday dinner.  It was yummy, and for lunch today, I will be enjoying the rest of my tasty meal.  
Here we all are (minus one). Don't we all look full and satisfied?  
After dinner, we walked down the sidewalk and into Rao's (a neat little bakery and gelato shop).  I had my regular Stracciatella gelato, but brought most of it home to enjoy later.  I was still SO stuffed from dinner.   
We spent some time at his parent's house, playing with a very sweet, very gentle puppy The Husband rescued on Thursday and that his parents are caring for until they can find it a home.  If we had an actual house, you know with an actual backyard, and The Husband had a really wonderful-paying job, I'd say we'd take her.  Oh, the "if only's," right?? 
I DON'T normally like dogs.  I do, however, like their male dog (who is the calmest, friendliest dog I've EVER met), and I really like the sweet new one living there now.  I hope she finds a wonderful home.  

My darling...who almost never reads these posts...,
I wish you a new year of blessings.  I pray for you daily, and I am so proud of the man you are and the role you are filling.  You are a dedicated, hard-working, loving, funny, affectionate, goofy-as-all-get-out husband who is going to be a wonderful and gentle daddy in a little over five months.  
Thank you for allowing God to work in you daily; I love you more than I can put into words.  


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