18 Weeks

Sunday (yesterday), after a morning of wonderful worship and a much-needed, God-inspired sermon and then a lunch of champions at Taco Bell (where I had the most delicious berry pomegranate slushy-drink), The Husband and I went to the park near our home.  It was a GORGEOUS day, and I had some leftover bread to feed the ducks, geese, fish, and turtles that inhabit the ponds/creeks there.  It was very hot (90°-ish), but it was so nice to spend time together out there admiring God's creation.  The main area of the park was incredibly crowded due to the bazillion soccer games that appeared to be happening all at the same time, so we opted to head over to a smaller pond that was more secluded.  There were lots of turtles and minnows to enjoy the bread we shared with them, but no ducks or geese.
 I asked The Husband to take a picture of us because the button was on "his" side.  These are what transpired. :)
 The only one that actually caught both of us smiling and looking at the camera . :)
Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  18 weeks and 1 day today

Size of baby:  The Little One is 5.5 inches long and the size of a sweet potato.

Total weight gain/loss: Oh readers.  For some reason, I was getting concerned that I wasn't gaining what I was told I was supposed to be gaining each week.  So, I went and bought some breakfast shakes to go along with my bagel and cream cheese in the mornings.  Well, I fixed the "weight gain" issue.  I gained *at least* two pounds this week.  I'm up 7 pounds this pregnancy.  

Maternity clothes:   Dresses for work; though I do wear pre-pregnancy shirts and pre-pregnancy jeans on Fridays, but the button is, of course, unbuttoned.  Shorts and shirts for home and errands. I have worn a few of the maternity shirts the bestie loaned me (like the one in the picture below!).  So comfy :)  And, I broke out the BeBand she gave me for the first time this week. Perfect for hiding the unbuttoned top of my jeans :)

Gender:  It's getting close!! Our doctor said she could tell the gender on the last ultrasound, but we've waited this long to find out.  What's a few more weeks? :) 

Movement:  I haven't felt any movement yet.

Sleep:  I'm sleeping well.  Once I fall asleep, I'm asleep until my bladder wakes me up.
 Well, I wrote that, and then, Saturday night, and miserably, last night I slept so poorly.  I think I'll break out the melatonin tonight because, honestly, my body and mind are so exhausted that I can't imagine another night like those. 

What I miss: My moments of non-back pain.

Cravings:  Chocolate shakes.  

Symptoms:  I've had some nausea early in the mornings before breakfast, but I'm completely fine once I get those first few sips of breakfast shake and first few bites of bagel and cream cheese in me.  Also, my back has been hurting more and more.  Muscle spasms in the middle section of my back (on the right side always) have been breaking out throughout the week, and my only relief is to lie down.  I've tried stretching (forwards, backwards, side to side), rolling my shoulders, hot baths, Tylenol, sitting, standing.  Lying down seems to be the only thing that calms the spasms for any length of time.  

Exercise:  I made it to the gym twice.  The doctor said not to do anything strenuous, so I stayed home for the beginning part of the week.  I made myself go on Friday since my back was hurting so badly.  I figured stretching and light weights could only help.  They did for a while, thankfully. 

Best moment this week:  Seeing the Little One via ultrasound at our un-scheduled appointment.  The Husband and I were both in awe as we watched him/her wave arms and kick legs.


  1. There you are - looking cuter and cuter!! It was a beautiful day to go to the park. So sorry about the back spasms. I can relate - having the same issue with my pectoral muscle on "the surgery side." I laughed and told your dad that I am going to have the most pumped up pec I have ever had (just one side though!!). LOL Hope the melatonin helped you last night. Love you.


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