Another year

It's official.  Yesterday, I became another year older; one giant step closer to the dreaded 3-0. 
I've heard great things about being in that decade...
I'm just not quite ready to be released from my twenties.

So, I'll start this next year of my life being thankful that I have one whole year before I officially, and forevermore, join the adult table. :D

Today, although I really did know it already, I was again reminded of the fact that I have some of the greatest, kindest co-workers out there.  Eleven sweet, gorgeous ladies wrote beautiful sentiments on a lovely card, and they all contributed to a gift I have wanted and needed for YEARS.
They got me a camera.
And a memory card. 
And a case.
I'm telling you.  They are seriously the BEST friends/co-workers around.

So, of course I had to try it out!  I'll get better at figuring out the settings I need to use in different circumstances, I'm sure, as I learn my new camera, but I wanted to document the day.
And now, I get to take pictures, many pictures, really an ABUNDANCE of pictures, AND post them on here.
Are you jumping up and down with me?!  I imagine so.  I'm actually imagining you all right now bouncing in your comfy, leather arm chairs, wrapped in your Snuggies, as you deftly balance your warm cups of cocoa and your laptops.
I secretly knew you were that sophisticated.

Here is the GIANT card my kiddos made me. 
The beautiful calla lilies from one of my students--my favorites!
*crossing fingers & toes that I can keep these alive*  
So, my day at work was all-together lovely, and then I came home to a note on the outside of the front door.  We took it off later since I'm sure my neighbors have no desire to read the sweet sentiments my husband wrote to me.  So here it is taped to the inside of the front door.

And, readers, the day got lovelier.  
I followed the directions below...
and this set of instructions, as well...
and, I kept walking,
until I came to this.
I watched a video The Husband had recorded for me.  
It was wonderful, & it almost took my breath away.  
I'll have to ask his permission, and he probably will say no, haha, but I'd really like to post the video on here.  It was so meaningful, and I don't ever want to forget those words. They were precious, and heart-felt, and I loved, loved, loved that he took the time to create something so priceless.After watching, I found this on our door to our bedroom, and trust me, I will be saving those for those few chores that I CAN'T stand to do um, that I'm sick of doing, no, that I'd really enjoy a break from.  There we go. 
Be ready, Honey!   My love then took me out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants:  Cheesecake Factory!

 We finished off our evening cuddling and watching a movie I have been wanting to see:  Something Borrowed. 

It was a really great day, and I'm so thankful to all of the people that made it so incredibly special.

I'll be back in a few days to write the next installment in my Highlights posts.  Love to you all :D

**On a side (but very important) note, my mom is having her surgery this coming Monday.  If you think to pray for my parents these next coming days, I think they would really appreciate it.  Thank you!**


  1. You had the most special birthday ever and so many memories to treasure for a lifetime. Those gifts from the heart are better than the most expensive items in the world!! Wish your dad and I could have been there to help you celebrate, but you know you have our love always. :)

  2. AWWW...The hubs did a good job :)
    I am glad you had a great birthday..I miss you, best buddy..


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