13 Weeks

Yesterday, we decided to make a surprise trip to my hometown to spend the day with my parents since my mom's surgery is today.  It was a really lovely day, and I'm so glad we were able to do that.  While trying to be a blessing to my parents, they were, as usual, incredibly generous and were an amazing blessing to us.  I am very grateful for my parents, and I see the love and generosity of Christ in them often.  What a neat thing to be able to say about one's parents.  I know God has blessed me abundantly with the parents that He chose to raise me, and I hope, oh I hope, that The Husband and I will be such a blessing to the Little One and any future siblings he/she may have. 
My mom's surgery will be taking place within the next few hours.  Please continue lifting up my parents as they take the next step in this new, and often frightening, journey.  Thank you!! 
Ok, here's this week's Highlights post.  The picture below was taken with my brand new camera! 

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  13 weeks and 1 day today--2nd Trimester, baby!!

Size of baby:  The Little One is about 3 inches long and the size of a peach.

Total weight gain/loss:  I think I've gained at least a pound this week.  So, let's say, total weight gain is three pounds since finding out.  

Maternity clothes:   Dresses and jeans are still my main choices of attire.

Gender:  We don't know the sex of the baby yet, but we're very much looking forward to our Gender Reveal party in April when The Husband and I find out right alongside our family members and friends!  What's your guess?  Pink or blue?  More on the G.R. party soon.

Movement:  I haven't felt any movement yet.

Sleep:  I've been sleeping great!  So great, in fact, that I just don't want to roll out of bed in the mornings. :)

What I miss:  Soft cheeses...Feta and Blue Cheese crumbles.

Cravings:  I'm still craving chocolate milk/ice smoothies in the mornings, but lately, when we're at any fast food restaurant, I've wanted a hot fudge shake.  SO yummy.  I have one from DQ in the fridge right now, and it was delicious!

Symptoms:  I think my morning sickness is gone.  It has been replaced by dizziness and the need to sit often.  The downside to sitting for long periods of time *think long car rides* is that my tailbone has begun to hurt, and I have to reposition myself several times before I'm able to successfully distribute my weight equally around that sensitive part.  

Exercise:  Confession #2:  I *again* only went to the gym once this week.  Grrr.  I'm hoping to get back in the groove this week, but I guess I shouldn't make any promises.  

Best moment this week:  My birthday.  The whole day was wonderful, and I'm so thankful for the many people who made it so special.


  1. What a blessing you two are (and baby makes three). Your surprise visit was so wonderful and helped make the day-before-surgery anxiety much less than it would have been. Thank you for making the trip! Never fear, you two will be wonderful and loving parents and this little one will be so blessed to have you for her/his parents. Love you.

  2. You have a Roomba! We've had many, as well as several Scooba's along the way too. Sadly, they all died and went to iRobot heaven. *sigh*

    1. I love our Roomba, but he gets clogged often with two cats in the house and with my long hair leaving my head at pretty regular intervals. But, we are so enjoying it and are very thankful that we received it as a wedding gift. :)


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